Diverse-by-Design Schools: New Leader Training Institute


December 9-11, 2019


Roots ConnectED supports leaders of new diverse by design schools in their preliminary planning year to think deeply about the foundational building blocks of; school culture, practice, and anti-bias structures to create equitable and inclusive school communities. 

The New Leaders Institute creates space for leadership teams to be immersed in strong inclusive and integrated  school culture at Community Roots in Brooklyn, New York. Leadership teams will then be guided to use what they see and experience to think about and design for  their own communities and school sites. 

The New Leaders Institutes provides 1-1 coaching, coupled with theory and practice in order to meet the needs of its participants. We ask for two school leaders to attend the Institute together in order for everyone to have a thought partner to consult and plan with.  Below is the tentative agenda for the New Leaders Institute.

*Must register with 2 school leaders from the same school site.  

Schedule for New Leader Training Institute

Day 1: Monday, December 9, 2019                     

·       Introduction and Community Building

·       Elements of School Culture

·       Classroom Visits and Debriefs

·       Developing a Set of Core Values

·       Lunch

·       Restorative Practices

·       Considering all Learners

·       Reflection and Closing

Day 2: Tuesday, December 10, 2019                        

·       Community Building

·       Introduction to Anti-Bias Education

·       Classroom Visits

·       Critical Literacy

·       Lunch

·       Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

·       Reflection and Closing

Day 3: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

·       Community Building

·       Hiring and Founding Staff Development

·       Engaging Families

·       Lunch

·       Consultancy:

  • Establishing Core Values and Norms

  • Identifying Essential Elements of School Culture

  • Other

·       Goal Setting and Prioritizing

·       Planning Seminar

·       Closing