Here's what participants have to say:


“This experience was engaging, thought-provoking and deeply meaningful. It made me think differently about the needs of teachers in my school and provided frameworks for me to develop tools for my school context.”

“Invigorating, purposeful, and necessary. Feeling empowered to get to work.”


“The work is most necessary. Being TRAINED to do the work is also most necessary. We're not just waking up tomorrow and rolling this out.”

“I'd say it was one of those experiences that will strongly inform my practice as a teacher.  It highlights what I know and don't yet know and I'm walking away with a path for further learning.”



"This workshop offered a philosophical attitude and concrete ideas of how to include discussion and awareness of race and gender issues in a class of young children. The presenters were knowledgable and accessible."

“I am leaving this workshop with small steps I can implement tomorrow and larger goals for reshaping my practice.”