Here's what participants have to say:


“This would be a great way to start thinking about how to make your diverse school work. It is one thing to get the kids in the same room, it is something completely different to set up a curriculum that supports and meets the needs of all those kids while maintaining their humanity. This workshop helps you do that work!”


“Really intentional on all levels. [They] walk the talk in terms of the way they designed and facilitated this experience.”


"It was a marvelous experience in which I got to connect with not only like-minded educators, but to have the guidance of people doing important work in implementation of anti-bias curriculum and critical literacy to inform practice and structures at my school to then be able to embrace, appreciate and celebrate all kids."


“They applied the practices they were teaching to how they ran the PD, which allowed participants to experience the practices.”




“It was an experience and an institute everyone needs to be a part of.”


“It was a hands on, intense introduction to teaching (and running a school) in a way that supports every single student.”


“It was well worth the time. Anyone who is thinking about pursuing Anti-Bias Education at their school should come do this institute.”