The Wall of Love and Kindness

Contributor: Sahba Rohani, Director of Community Development at Community Roots

Inspired by the New York City Union Square subway station, we decided to create our own wall in the hallways of our school.  A wall of love and kindness was put up where students and families could add positive thoughts to send out into the world, or messages that simply remind them of things they love.  Over time, post-its have started to fill the wall, ranging in messages from "Be Thankful" to "Everybody Matters" to "Playing with my friends makes me happy".  

Students slow their stroll as they walk by to read what their community members have written and shared on the wall.   Whether you have a spontaneous thought you want to share, or just need a moment to remember all the good that exists out there in the world, community members stop by to add a message or read one.  

As we take a moment to reflect on the state of affairs in our nation and around our world, it becomes equally important that the messages of connectedness, of love, of kindness, and of gratitude are also heard.  It is critical to make space for those voices to speak, for those moments to be captured, and for our narrative to be one that empowers hope and is a catalyst for change.