MAY 13-15, 2019


3-Day Anti-Bias and Social Justice Institute

The 3-day Anti-Bias and Social Justice Institute offers teams of up to 5 (five) educators and school leaders the opportunity to share in an exploration of the principles and strategies of the social justice work done at both the elementary and middle school level at Community Roots Charter School.  The Institute will focus both on building an anti-bias lens to curricula and how to develop staff to be leaders in this work.  

Participants will be engaged in interactive learning through capacity building, classroom observations, sharing of resources, reflection, and planning time, as well as panel discussions with members of our school community.

Schedule for Social Justice Institute

Day 1: School Culture and Anti-Bias Education                     

·       Breakfast and Community Builder

·       Creating and Sustaining a Strong School Culture / Classroom Observations

·       Lunch: with Community Roots Leadership Team: Founding an Inclusive & Integrated School

·       Overview of Anti-Bias Education

·       It's All About the Questions: Critical Literacy Practices

·       Reflection

Day 2: Curriculum, Instruction, and PD                                          

·       Breakfast and Community Builder

·       Anti-Bias Education: Classroom Observations and Debrief

·       Teaching a Diverse Group of Learners

·       Lunch: Staff Panel on Teaching and Working in an Anti-Bias Classroom

·       Talking about Power and Identity in Early Elementary Education

·       Professional Development for Diversity Work in Schools and Starting a Staff Equity Group

·       Reflection

Day 3: Theory to Practice

·       Breakfast and Community Builder

·       Consultancies

·       Developing a Goal and Work Plan

·       Closing Session/Reflection/Next Step